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11 Jun

ok great, its weekends. However, i feel that i have limited time. Why?
I need to read thru my basic scheme 2 again before i officially answer the calls on monday.
I am super no confident about it. My confidence eventually went down.
I just feel it just too fast once i pass my BS 2 proficiency test.

ytd, went supper wif pearlena and jee at θ€ε·΄εˆΉγ€‚
just love to hang out with them, basically i feel so much comfortable when im wif them.
love you guys πŸ™‚
well, our meet up officially ends 1.15a.m and jee send us back πŸ™‚
thanks jee.

I shld feel im pretty much fortunate to have them as my friends.
Its a gift to me and i will definitely cherish it.
i may be nasty at times or so call sarcastic,
but need in my heart, i really cherish you ppl.
it might be an inexpressive way to show but i just love you guys.

back to work, im kinda regret of saying im from Chinese Orchestra,
now June had ask me to perform for the old folks on 24 june.
she ask me to play 2 songs and i kinda omg.
well, i guess i shall put my v best to practice it i suppose.

boyfriend is away from singapore to bintan to enjoy himself.
gonna miss him i guess 😦
enjoy urself dear.
nth much to say regarding my r/s..
im kinda feeling so emotional right now.
i don’t know why but i just couldn’t describe it.

shall look forward to my grandpa’s 80th birthday at east coast.
and guess wad? it raining heavily right.
tsk tsk tsk. ~

have a good day everyone.Β 


It’s a miracle n FIRST DAY OF SCH REOPEN

8 Nov

I’m still awake! Geez! It’s 2.15a.m in the morning.
and today ~ was my final semester in NYP.
Dunno is HAPPY OR SCARED! ):

my previous posted how emo am i for the first paragraph.
i even mention that perhaps i should let it go for awhile..
and temporary disable R/S..
who knows this afternoon (7 nov)
Jun Guanggg called me ~

I wasn’t really want to answer his call..
but my mind kept asking me to pick up his call..
so i answer.
He says he wants to meet me!
I wasn’t really excited at that point of time..
cos i’ve already promise to have dinner wif jose.

So i rejected him.. say NO.
but he insisted to meet me …
and i shld say this was the first time he ever said that to me on the phone.
i was WOW!
ok enough about Jun Guangg..

My mood now was HUNGRYYYYY!!
but i can’t eat something right now. COS ITS V EARLY RIGHT NOW..
AND IM STILL AWAKE! I couldn’t sleep!
Maybe it’s because i’m pretty excited about the first day of school reopen..

the feeling of getting to meet my classmates~
chatting with them..
disturbing them..
how great it was..
i just want to cherish the very last semester with them before we graduate.
and time flies.. It’s my FINAL SEMESTER! MEaning I’m leaving NYP v SOON!

enough of blogging already. My brain is quite empty somehow due to hunger.
Shall update soon with more photos!
Good nights ~ CIAO! πŸ˜€


the feeling was very excited.
reason was, i’ve got to see my classmates again.
and first lecture of the day was HRM and practice
and our class is as noisy as before..

wanna know why?
it’s because of JEROME JEE!
the NOISIEST and LOUDEST of all in our class~

and guess wad?
i’m officially broke ):
thanks to the lecture notes.

Get a life ~

6 Nov

a msg was received from bf that he can’t meet me due to his NS.
i was indeed disappointed. But there’s nth i can do either.
Just have to accept the fact. That’s his life. i can’t stop it either.
Nvm about that anyway. Even though my heart was upset, but still.. life just goes on.
Let it go for awhile. Maybe i will feel better.

oh ya, dad was talking about going to Hangzhou.. perhaps next yr or the year after next year.
I am so excited to go Hangzhou especially the mount huangshan. Looking at the photos..
that my friend took.. i really feel like visiting!

don’t you think its very nice? Gosh ~

i am so NOT looking forward to school reopen.
At first, i was looking forward to it, however when i see my timetable..

i hope sch days will make my life better with no worries..
and i will try not to think so much and lead a simple life.

For the time being now, SAY NO to R/S…
Temporary disable.

random thoughts

1 Nov

my mind is full of complicated feelings.
i myself even don’t understand why am i feeling this way.
Sometimes, i really hate myself being like that.
Women are always filled with flicked minded feelings.

recalling the past i’ve been doing was really sucks.
my life just sucks.
sucks as in my personality.
you know wad i wish to do now?
is to don’t think so much and get a life to move on.

Maybe, i really should let it go.
Just like wad jun guang has told me.

In this life, there is nothing you can’t do or think,
it is you, yourself who wants to do it or not.
If everyone keeps on thinking about its past,
you will never move on and never gets to the ending that you wish to be,
eventually won’t come to you.

Perhaps, i shouldn’t have talk about my relationship.
Perhaps, i should let it go for a while and start to plan wad should i do next.
There’s a quote in chinese, ζ˜―δ½ ηš„ε°±ζ˜―δ½ ηš„οΌŒδΈζ˜―δ½ ηš„οΌŒδ½ εœ¨ζ€ŽδΉˆε‹‰εΌΊδΉŸδΈδΌšζœ‰ε₯½η»“ζžœγ€‚

I should make myself happy right?
I don want to be unhappy.. i just want to lead a simple life.
Not much stress and have freedom.
Maybe i really should think this way.

Chaotic feeling

30 Oct

time passes real fast, a new semester will be started on 8 Nov.
it will be my final semester in NYP.
it’s almost past 3 years ever since i step in to NYP to study.
i tell myself, i will strike hard to produce good results.
Guess, it’s time to say goodbye to holiday.

Final Semester means graduating soon.
Graduating soon means i will be in the working world soon.
Meaning, it’s really work. Filled with pressure and responsibility.
There is fear somehow in my mind, I’m really scared.

In the past, ever since i’ve enter my study in ITE..
I will tell myself, i wanted to go Poly so that my parents and relative won’t look down on me.
I want to proof myself i can do it and eventually i make to poly,
which one of the happiest thing i’ve ever done in my life.

However, things changed when i’ve enter to poly.
the word changed really CHANGED as in my career.
I told myself, what are my strength and weakness?
people were asking me, “hey, after you graduated; what kind of job will you be working?”
I seriously got no idea wad am i going to do next.

I’m scared of interview. I have no confident in everything. I just lost somehow.
I really need someone who can guide me? But, who can i trust? I’m speechless

just the 2 of us (:

26 Sep

as promised, meet up wif jun guang at tampines.
Initially he msg me to meet up 2.30p.m and end he reached tampines at 4p.m.
gosh!~ to him when meeting me, his time budget will never be accurate. haha!
anyway, as long as i’ve got to meet him, its more than enough πŸ˜€ aw ~

again, we headed to ION. Wanted to watch “the legend of the list”,
where jun guang had the complimentary pass but it stated only monday to wed after 5p.m.
so we ended goin back to ION to find melissa!
after tt we headed to fort canning park for a scroll. How sweet it is ~ hehe

settle our dinner at clark quay.. BBQ chicken.
he told me he is starving and order quite a no. of food for himself.
in the end, he can’t finish it. Wad a joke ! must be the creamy pasta tat cause to be bloated.
Hahaha, He really makes my day HAPPY! (: love u dear ~

photos (:

Exams is finally OVER! LONG HOLIDAYS :D

4 Sep

3 September 2010

Happy 2 yr 9 mth to JUN GUANGGG πŸ˜€

If i know what love is,
It is because of you.
-Herman Hesse-

yeah, i’m free from exams.
well, just hope that i can pass. thats all. Especially Global Supply Chain.
After exams, i am SO UNLUCKY, first time in history..
I was caught PLAYING POKER CARDS by the discipline ~
nvm about that. It’s over anyway

TODAY πŸ˜€ went out wif Bestie Sin Kai πŸ™‚
we had so much to chat ~
went to eat The Mahatten Fish Market at MS πŸ™‚
after that went to find bf at comex fair.

poor him, was struggling himself to persuade the customers to buy the product.
and he almost lost his voice when he ended his work.
bf, tml last day already. JIAYOU ya. πŸ™‚

I will be working from 6 Sep to 19 Sep at Tampines Mall. 14 days straight.
i think my legs will be killing me alr. GOOD LUCK to me!

and i miss MY dearest JUN GUANG n ZHENG XIN
as my dear ZX will be goin back to CHINA 😦