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11 Jun

ok great, its weekends. However, i feel that i have limited time. Why?
I need to read thru my basic scheme 2 again before i officially answer the calls on monday.
I am super no confident about it. My confidence eventually went down.
I just feel it just too fast once i pass my BS 2 proficiency test.

ytd, went supper wif pearlena and jee at ่€ๅทดๅˆนใ€‚
just love to hang out with them, basically i feel so much comfortable when im wif them.
love you guys ๐Ÿ™‚
well, our meet up officially ends 1.15a.m and jee send us back ๐Ÿ™‚
thanks jee.

I shld feel im pretty much fortunate to have them as my friends.
Its a gift to me and i will definitely cherish it.
i may be nasty at times or so call sarcastic,
but need in my heart, i really cherish you ppl.
it might be an inexpressive way to show but i just love you guys.

back to work, im kinda regret of saying im from Chinese Orchestra,
now June had ask me to perform for the old folks on 24 june.
she ask me to play 2 songs and i kinda omg.
well, i guess i shall put my v best to practice it i suppose.

boyfriend is away from singapore to bintan to enjoy himself.
gonna miss him i guess ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
enjoy urself dear.
nth much to say regarding my r/s..
im kinda feeling so emotional right now.
i don’t know why but i just couldn’t describe it.

shall look forward to my grandpa’s 80th birthday at east coast.
and guess wad? it raining heavily right.
tsk tsk tsk. ~

have a good day everyone.ย 



7 Jun

alright, in my title i put emotional..ย 
Ok, i wasn’t sound happy when i happy to see something that i don wish to see.
Eventually i did and im freaking hate myself why am i doing that.
does it mean the word “trust” wasn’t there.
I doubt so.

Work was fine, had Basic Scheme 2 proficiency test in the morning.
Great, after test, went back straight to TMOCC to ans calls.
Calls wasn’t really that good. Sigh.
Nvm abt that.
Guess, i’ve got back my BS2 proficiency test.
I’ve got 95% out of 100%
due to my carelessness, i shld get at least 99%. LOL

great, i’ve already book the hotel at KL for our first short getaway trip on 17 june.
pretty excited about it.
However somehow i feel abit, hmm i don know.
Because base of my character.. i don like last min walk in..
but base of HIS character.. he is like tt.
everything was not well plan- i mean as in the accommodation..

i know he at least make the effort of asking me to go wif him..
it just.. i don know..
well, i just hope when we go there.. i hope we can enjoy ourselves.
right now, im so called speechless at the moment.
I shall stop thinking abt tt msg send to her. IT kinda irritates me somehow.

Goodnight everyone ~ย 

i’m back!

5 Jun

im back to blog again.ย 
i’ve tried everything to tell my friends how i feel towards myself, my life..
however it failed somehow. Kinda sucks somehow.
now, writing here might make me feel good.
shall see how it goes.

im officially an NYP graduate.
Miss NYP, poly mates, lecturers, lectures, tutorials, the food over there.
attended my graduation ceremony 2 weeks ago 27 may.
it changes my life as times goes by.
life passes real fast, its been 3 yrs in NYP and it comes to an end of my study path for the time being..

Well, i will still upgrade myself, perhaps 2 yrs from now.
To get a degree cert for myself is must in order for me to makes my life better.
Yes, in the past ย i always believe to led a simple life.
Till now, i still wants to led a simple wif less stress.
I wish to have a family, i really do. Lets wait for the time to prove everything.

im in the working world won. Working in an AH gong corporate company.
Full of stress, meeting nasty singaporeans. It just sucks.
however, it was challenging. To test my patience and my speech towards the ppl i deal with.ย 
i will improve myself and try my best to gain more experience. Serving the ppl well.

Bf has come to the working world as well.ย 
Well, there are times he is complaining that he doesn’t like his job.
Boss was unreasonable, giving him no freedom for him to decide.
Understand where he is standing but that’s life.
Have to patience no matter.
It ended his work last tue (31 may 2011)

Having his free time now for the time being.
nevertheless, i still wish he can find a better job wif better pay..
for him to support himself and his family.
Inside my heart, i will pray for him to wish his life to be happy den before.

In regardless, whether we will be together in the future is still a mystery.
but, i will cherish the times im wif him right now.
Every moment, every sec when im wif him.
true enough, is that, i really love him for the bottom of my heart.
Looking forward,
to our v first far away trip together to KL.
Even though it just a short getaway,
to me its more than enough.
At least, he makes the effort of asking me to go with him.
Love the way he respect me. (hint hint)
Thanks dear =)

And last but not least, our promise to HK trip end of this year. ย 

Bye WordPress

2 Dec

Hi guys,

I won’t be updating my blog anymore.
Sometimes, good or bad moments shld say out instead of putting everything here.

Thank you for reading my post for the past 1 yr.

Westlife New Album

25 Nov

Oh yes, It’s Westlife! Their 11th Album for the year 2010~
and it’s been 11 years since they first release their new album!
love the song “SAFE”, their first single of the album called “Gravity”

oh no, i’m so gonna want their album badly!
shall BUY it soon for christmas!
Westlife, You guys rocks! and Keep rocking!

Hari Raya Haji

17 Nov

Firstly, i would like to wish all my muslim friends a Hari Raya Haji!

Meet up wif Joseline and Jun Guang to watch Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows!
managed to book the tickets online and it was back row seats! ๐Ÿ˜€
And just imagine if you were to buy tickets on the spot.
It was selling fast! Almost sold out!

overall the movie was not so bad. Not as interesting as mention in the book ~
i didn’t read the book, it was joseline who told the movie was not tt fascinating.
But to me overall was pretty not bad.

After the movie, i wanted to go to East Coast Park to distress.
i just wanna to find a place quiet so that i can relax myself.
i wanted to go alone but i just can’t find any excuses to let JGG that im goin alone.
So he acc me instead.

It was raining! gosh! i hate raining when im outside.
because i can’t go anywhere but to stay in the shopping mall.
So JG suggest that we go vivo first before bringing me to somewhere around harbourfront.
Headed to vivo.. crowded to people ~ -_-“

finally ~ the raining had stopped.
he brought me to Marina Keppel Bay which i’ve never been there before in my life.
the place was completely quiet.
he brought me to cafe Prive and settle our dinner there.
Looking at the bill ~ gosh wasn’t that cheap. just 2 main dish and 2 drinks, it cost $60!
no joke. but indeed the price is worth of the atmosphere and the environment.

the night view at the Marina Keppel Bay was awesome.
not only it was quiet, the scenery was v nice~ just imagine it was not like SINGAPORE.
v nice and scenic! v beautiful! i love the place! was much better den east coast!
thanks JG for the acc and bringing me there. Love you dear!

after the trip to Keppel Bay, due to some conflicts cause me to be disappointed.
however, things work well after that. thanks love ๐Ÿ˜€

end of week 1

12 Nov

It’s friday! Hmm, i smell weekends.
Meaning, i can finally have a good rest at home =)
Well, ever since school has started..
my life in school was feeling great.
Great as in, i get to see my classmates. haha

First week of school was fine.
No tutorials ~ not so bad.
but! next week, im dead meat.
Grouping was formed for 4 modules.
And they are:

Human Resource and Practices
Personal Selling and Negotiation
International Business
Lastly, Buying and Merchandise Management.

*sigh* need to work on our project soon! no more last min work!

Oh ya, i’ve received a yellow dolphin key chain from Jiahong!
It’s DOLPHIN! love it so much! Thanks KANASAI =)

Reason i post this watch was, I REALLY LOVE IT LOTS. Love the BEAR!
Its so NICE CAN.

I wanna THANK NYP for making us to WASTE $ on lecture notes.
It cost me close to $40 just to buy 8 lectures notes.
No inflow in my pocket but outflow. GOSHHHH!
And know wad? this semester i took total of 8 modules!
oh gosh! can u imagine that?
it’s my last semester and it stress me already!

I officially HATE International Business!
Looking at the lecture notes, it already make me wanna sleep ~ GOSH!
even though it was fully ICA base BUT it was not an easy module!

and, can you see the thickest of the IB notes! It cost near to $1o! SO THICK!
holy mother! i can’t imagine how am i going to survive with these 8 modules.
But NOT TOO bad, ONLY 3 modules was on exam base~ the rest was base on PROJECT!
hopefully these 4 months i can fully cleared all my modules and SAY GOODBYE TO NYP!