11 Jun

ok great, its weekends. However, i feel that i have limited time. Why?
I need to read thru my basic scheme 2 again before i officially answer the calls on monday.
I am super no confident about it. My confidence eventually went down.
I just feel it just too fast once i pass my BS 2 proficiency test.

ytd, went supper wif pearlena and jee at 老巴刹。
just love to hang out with them, basically i feel so much comfortable when im wif them.
love you guys 🙂
well, our meet up officially ends 1.15a.m and jee send us back 🙂
thanks jee.

I shld feel im pretty much fortunate to have them as my friends.
Its a gift to me and i will definitely cherish it.
i may be nasty at times or so call sarcastic,
but need in my heart, i really cherish you ppl.
it might be an inexpressive way to show but i just love you guys.

back to work, im kinda regret of saying im from Chinese Orchestra,
now June had ask me to perform for the old folks on 24 june.
she ask me to play 2 songs and i kinda omg.
well, i guess i shall put my v best to practice it i suppose.

boyfriend is away from singapore to bintan to enjoy himself.
gonna miss him i guess 😦
enjoy urself dear.
nth much to say regarding my r/s..
im kinda feeling so emotional right now.
i don’t know why but i just couldn’t describe it.

shall look forward to my grandpa’s 80th birthday at east coast.
and guess wad? it raining heavily right.
tsk tsk tsk. ~

have a good day everyone. 


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