7 Jun

alright, in my title i put emotional.. 
Ok, i wasn’t sound happy when i happy to see something that i don wish to see.
Eventually i did and im freaking hate myself why am i doing that.
does it mean the word “trust” wasn’t there.
I doubt so.

Work was fine, had Basic Scheme 2 proficiency test in the morning.
Great, after test, went back straight to TMOCC to ans calls.
Calls wasn’t really that good. Sigh.
Nvm abt that.
Guess, i’ve got back my BS2 proficiency test.
I’ve got 95% out of 100%
due to my carelessness, i shld get at least 99%. LOL

great, i’ve already book the hotel at KL for our first short getaway trip on 17 june.
pretty excited about it.
However somehow i feel abit, hmm i don know.
Because base of my character.. i don like last min walk in..
but base of HIS character.. he is like tt.
everything was not well plan- i mean as in the accommodation..

i know he at least make the effort of asking me to go wif him..
it just.. i don know..
well, i just hope when we go there.. i hope we can enjoy ourselves.
right now, im so called speechless at the moment.
I shall stop thinking abt tt msg send to her. IT kinda irritates me somehow.

Goodnight everyone ~ 


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