i’m back!

5 Jun

im back to blog again. 
i’ve tried everything to tell my friends how i feel towards myself, my life..
however it failed somehow. Kinda sucks somehow.
now, writing here might make me feel good.
shall see how it goes.

im officially an NYP graduate.
Miss NYP, poly mates, lecturers, lectures, tutorials, the food over there.
attended my graduation ceremony 2 weeks ago 27 may.
it changes my life as times goes by.
life passes real fast, its been 3 yrs in NYP and it comes to an end of my study path for the time being..

Well, i will still upgrade myself, perhaps 2 yrs from now.
To get a degree cert for myself is must in order for me to makes my life better.
Yes, in the past  i always believe to led a simple life.
Till now, i still wants to led a simple wif less stress.
I wish to have a family, i really do. Lets wait for the time to prove everything.

im in the working world won. Working in an AH gong corporate company.
Full of stress, meeting nasty singaporeans. It just sucks.
however, it was challenging. To test my patience and my speech towards the ppl i deal with. 
i will improve myself and try my best to gain more experience. Serving the ppl well.

Bf has come to the working world as well. 
Well, there are times he is complaining that he doesn’t like his job.
Boss was unreasonable, giving him no freedom for him to decide.
Understand where he is standing but that’s life.
Have to patience no matter.
It ended his work last tue (31 may 2011)

Having his free time now for the time being.
nevertheless, i still wish he can find a better job wif better pay..
for him to support himself and his family.
Inside my heart, i will pray for him to wish his life to be happy den before.

In regardless, whether we will be together in the future is still a mystery.
but, i will cherish the times im wif him right now.
Every moment, every sec when im wif him.
true enough, is that, i really love him for the bottom of my heart.
Looking forward,
to our v first far away trip together to KL.
Even though it just a short getaway,
to me its more than enough.
At least, he makes the effort of asking me to go with him.
Love the way he respect me. (hint hint)
Thanks dear =)

And last but not least, our promise to HK trip end of this year.  


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