Hari Raya Haji

17 Nov

Firstly, i would like to wish all my muslim friends a Hari Raya Haji!

Meet up wif Joseline and Jun Guang to watch Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows!
managed to book the tickets online and it was back row seats! 😀
And just imagine if you were to buy tickets on the spot.
It was selling fast! Almost sold out!

overall the movie was not so bad. Not as interesting as mention in the book ~
i didn’t read the book, it was joseline who told the movie was not tt fascinating.
But to me overall was pretty not bad.

After the movie, i wanted to go to East Coast Park to distress.
i just wanna to find a place quiet so that i can relax myself.
i wanted to go alone but i just can’t find any excuses to let JGG that im goin alone.
So he acc me instead.

It was raining! gosh! i hate raining when im outside.
because i can’t go anywhere but to stay in the shopping mall.
So JG suggest that we go vivo first before bringing me to somewhere around harbourfront.
Headed to vivo.. crowded to people ~ -_-“

finally ~ the raining had stopped.
he brought me to Marina Keppel Bay which i’ve never been there before in my life.
the place was completely quiet.
he brought me to cafe Prive and settle our dinner there.
Looking at the bill ~ gosh wasn’t that cheap. just 2 main dish and 2 drinks, it cost $60!
no joke. but indeed the price is worth of the atmosphere and the environment.

the night view at the Marina Keppel Bay was awesome.
not only it was quiet, the scenery was v nice~ just imagine it was not like SINGAPORE.
v nice and scenic! v beautiful! i love the place! was much better den east coast!
thanks JG for the acc and bringing me there. Love you dear!

after the trip to Keppel Bay, due to some conflicts cause me to be disappointed.
however, things work well after that. thanks love 😀


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