end of week 1

12 Nov

It’s friday! Hmm, i smell weekends.
Meaning, i can finally have a good rest at home =)
Well, ever since school has started..
my life in school was feeling great.
Great as in, i get to see my classmates. haha

First week of school was fine.
No tutorials ~ not so bad.
but! next week, im dead meat.
Grouping was formed for 4 modules.
And they are:

Human Resource and Practices
Personal Selling and Negotiation
International Business
Lastly, Buying and Merchandise Management.

*sigh* need to work on our project soon! no more last min work!

Oh ya, i’ve received a yellow dolphin key chain from Jiahong!
It’s DOLPHIN! love it so much! Thanks KANASAI =)

Reason i post this watch was, I REALLY LOVE IT LOTS. Love the BEAR!
Its so NICE CAN.

I wanna THANK NYP for making us to WASTE $ on lecture notes.
It cost me close to $40 just to buy 8 lectures notes.
No inflow in my pocket but outflow. GOSHHHH!
And know wad? this semester i took total of 8 modules!
oh gosh! can u imagine that?
it’s my last semester and it stress me already!

I officially HATE International Business!
Looking at the lecture notes, it already make me wanna sleep ~ GOSH!
even though it was fully ICA base BUT it was not an easy module!

and, can you see the thickest of the IB notes! It cost near to $1o! SO THICK!
holy mother! i can’t imagine how am i going to survive with these 8 modules.
But NOT TOO bad, ONLY 3 modules was on exam base~ the rest was base on PROJECT!
hopefully these 4 months i can fully cleared all my modules and SAY GOODBYE TO NYP!


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