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Westlife New Album

25 Nov

Oh yes, It’s Westlife! Their 11th Album for the year 2010~
and it’s been 11 years since they first release their new album!
love the song “SAFE”, their first single of the album called “Gravity”

oh no, i’m so gonna want their album badly!
shall BUY it soon for christmas!
Westlife, You guys rocks! and Keep rocking!


Hari Raya Haji

17 Nov

Firstly, i would like to wish all my muslim friends a Hari Raya Haji!

Meet up wif Joseline and Jun Guang to watch Harry Potter and the Deadly Hallows!
managed to book the tickets online and it was back row seats! 😀
And just imagine if you were to buy tickets on the spot.
It was selling fast! Almost sold out!

overall the movie was not so bad. Not as interesting as mention in the book ~
i didn’t read the book, it was joseline who told the movie was not tt fascinating.
But to me overall was pretty not bad.

After the movie, i wanted to go to East Coast Park to distress.
i just wanna to find a place quiet so that i can relax myself.
i wanted to go alone but i just can’t find any excuses to let JGG that im goin alone.
So he acc me instead.

It was raining! gosh! i hate raining when im outside.
because i can’t go anywhere but to stay in the shopping mall.
So JG suggest that we go vivo first before bringing me to somewhere around harbourfront.
Headed to vivo.. crowded to people ~ -_-“

finally ~ the raining had stopped.
he brought me to Marina Keppel Bay which i’ve never been there before in my life.
the place was completely quiet.
he brought me to cafe Prive and settle our dinner there.
Looking at the bill ~ gosh wasn’t that cheap. just 2 main dish and 2 drinks, it cost $60!
no joke. but indeed the price is worth of the atmosphere and the environment.

the night view at the Marina Keppel Bay was awesome.
not only it was quiet, the scenery was v nice~ just imagine it was not like SINGAPORE.
v nice and scenic! v beautiful! i love the place! was much better den east coast!
thanks JG for the acc and bringing me there. Love you dear!

after the trip to Keppel Bay, due to some conflicts cause me to be disappointed.
however, things work well after that. thanks love 😀

end of week 1

12 Nov

It’s friday! Hmm, i smell weekends.
Meaning, i can finally have a good rest at home =)
Well, ever since school has started..
my life in school was feeling great.
Great as in, i get to see my classmates. haha

First week of school was fine.
No tutorials ~ not so bad.
but! next week, im dead meat.
Grouping was formed for 4 modules.
And they are:

Human Resource and Practices
Personal Selling and Negotiation
International Business
Lastly, Buying and Merchandise Management.

*sigh* need to work on our project soon! no more last min work!

Oh ya, i’ve received a yellow dolphin key chain from Jiahong!
It’s DOLPHIN! love it so much! Thanks KANASAI =)

Reason i post this watch was, I REALLY LOVE IT LOTS. Love the BEAR!
Its so NICE CAN.

I wanna THANK NYP for making us to WASTE $ on lecture notes.
It cost me close to $40 just to buy 8 lectures notes.
No inflow in my pocket but outflow. GOSHHHH!
And know wad? this semester i took total of 8 modules!
oh gosh! can u imagine that?
it’s my last semester and it stress me already!

I officially HATE International Business!
Looking at the lecture notes, it already make me wanna sleep ~ GOSH!
even though it was fully ICA base BUT it was not an easy module!

and, can you see the thickest of the IB notes! It cost near to $1o! SO THICK!
holy mother! i can’t imagine how am i going to survive with these 8 modules.
But NOT TOO bad, ONLY 3 modules was on exam base~ the rest was base on PROJECT!
hopefully these 4 months i can fully cleared all my modules and SAY GOODBYE TO NYP!

It’s a miracle n FIRST DAY OF SCH REOPEN

8 Nov

I’m still awake! Geez! It’s 2.15a.m in the morning.
and today ~ was my final semester in NYP.
Dunno is HAPPY OR SCARED! ):

my previous posted how emo am i for the first paragraph.
i even mention that perhaps i should let it go for awhile..
and temporary disable R/S..
who knows this afternoon (7 nov)
Jun Guanggg called me ~

I wasn’t really want to answer his call..
but my mind kept asking me to pick up his call..
so i answer.
He says he wants to meet me!
I wasn’t really excited at that point of time..
cos i’ve already promise to have dinner wif jose.

So i rejected him.. say NO.
but he insisted to meet me …
and i shld say this was the first time he ever said that to me on the phone.
i was WOW!
ok enough about Jun Guangg..

My mood now was HUNGRYYYYY!!
but i can’t eat something right now. COS ITS V EARLY RIGHT NOW..
AND IM STILL AWAKE! I couldn’t sleep!
Maybe it’s because i’m pretty excited about the first day of school reopen..

the feeling of getting to meet my classmates~
chatting with them..
disturbing them..
how great it was..
i just want to cherish the very last semester with them before we graduate.
and time flies.. It’s my FINAL SEMESTER! MEaning I’m leaving NYP v SOON!

enough of blogging already. My brain is quite empty somehow due to hunger.
Shall update soon with more photos!
Good nights ~ CIAO! 😀


the feeling was very excited.
reason was, i’ve got to see my classmates again.
and first lecture of the day was HRM and practice
and our class is as noisy as before..

wanna know why?
it’s because of JEROME JEE!
the NOISIEST and LOUDEST of all in our class~

and guess wad?
i’m officially broke ):
thanks to the lecture notes.

Get a life ~

6 Nov

a msg was received from bf that he can’t meet me due to his NS.
i was indeed disappointed. But there’s nth i can do either.
Just have to accept the fact. That’s his life. i can’t stop it either.
Nvm about that anyway. Even though my heart was upset, but still.. life just goes on.
Let it go for awhile. Maybe i will feel better.

oh ya, dad was talking about going to Hangzhou.. perhaps next yr or the year after next year.
I am so excited to go Hangzhou especially the mount huangshan. Looking at the photos..
that my friend took.. i really feel like visiting!

don’t you think its very nice? Gosh ~

i am so NOT looking forward to school reopen.
At first, i was looking forward to it, however when i see my timetable..

i hope sch days will make my life better with no worries..
and i will try not to think so much and lead a simple life.

For the time being now, SAY NO to R/S…
Temporary disable.

random thoughts

1 Nov

my mind is full of complicated feelings.
i myself even don’t understand why am i feeling this way.
Sometimes, i really hate myself being like that.
Women are always filled with flicked minded feelings.

recalling the past i’ve been doing was really sucks.
my life just sucks.
sucks as in my personality.
you know wad i wish to do now?
is to don’t think so much and get a life to move on.

Maybe, i really should let it go.
Just like wad jun guang has told me.

In this life, there is nothing you can’t do or think,
it is you, yourself who wants to do it or not.
If everyone keeps on thinking about its past,
you will never move on and never gets to the ending that you wish to be,
eventually won’t come to you.

Perhaps, i shouldn’t have talk about my relationship.
Perhaps, i should let it go for a while and start to plan wad should i do next.
There’s a quote in chinese, 是你的就是你的,不是你的,你在怎么勉强也不会有好结果。

I should make myself happy right?
I don want to be unhappy.. i just want to lead a simple life.
Not much stress and have freedom.
Maybe i really should think this way.