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Exams is coming!

26 Aug

exams is around the corner.
well, even though i’ve got only have 3 modules to take..
however, its killing my brain cells especially Global Supply Chain..
Marketing Research was so far so good but i’ve haven start studying Consumer Behavior!

31 August – Consumer Behavior – 12.30p.m to 2p.m
2 September – Global Supply Chain – 12.30p.m to 2p.m
3 September -Marketing Research – 9a.m to 10.30a.m

bless me for my exams ~ i just hope i can do well..


Boyfriend 22nd

13 Aug


it was raining in the morning..
but nvm.. meet up wif dear at tampines for lunch!
headed to downtown east to visit the Alive Gallery.
Wow, the museum was awesome..
the paintings was nice.. and the talking mona lisa.. COOL!

it was raining after tt.. it spoils my mood after tt..
but still, we continue our journey to marina barrage!
and it was not raining! thank god!
dear love the place ~ hehehe..

dinner at JUST ACIA at marina square.
pass him the gift and the card.
i spend alot of time drawing that me to you bear ~
afterall the hardwork isn’t  a waste ~ worth it!

im glad he enjoyed himself!
once again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Truth from the heart

6 Aug

a disappointment just crash suddenly.
I’ve planned everything to give him a surprise..
But the moment, he told me “at night i need to go out with my mum”
I’m already disappointed. Haiz

well, we did chat a while.. like having some “little conflicts”
Initially, I’m always the one who started it first.
Maybe what i’ve did was really correct.
Jun Guang asked me a question “Are you tired to with me?”
“pleas tell me from the bottom on your heart”

I msg him this “Hello! i’ve been together wif you for 2 years 8 month,
you still don know my feelings for you?”
He replied “i just want to know”

So i msg him a very long msg to him
“From the day i’m together with you,
i’ve never regret being wif you,
even though if you are poor, no education,
I really love you alot, i dunno why..
Yes, i did admit that i wanted a break up,
because you always have no time for me,
which i hate it alot, but i can’t bear to leave you.

I love you who you are
Well, it’s ok that you don have time for me..
its ok de, as long as u have me in your heart, i’m happy already.
I tell myself, loving you was right, i will never regret .
I believe in future, you will succeed one day.
Love is about trust, like wad you say, it takes two hands to clap..
So i never thought of giving you up,
because i really love you very much..
if im not happy, i would have said break up years ago..
Lastly, im really happy to be wif you..
By seeing you, the word happiness is there..
and i wanna grow old with you..
because i can never find such a good boyfriend like you anymore.”

yah, i think he was touched. cos he told me he will put my words in his heart.
and afterall, it worthwhile. at least i know he love me alot and v happy to be with me.
So do i.. =)
i feel so blissful to have him! I really love you Jun Guang =)

happy 2 year 8 months

3 Aug

it’s the 3rd again 🙂

Happy 2 yr 8 month my dear jun guang.
I Love You!