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5 Projects DOWN

31 Jul

5 down, one more to go which is RSM.
I don understand why on earth, Ms Clara wants us to do the individual report!
we alr have so much projects yet she still wants us to do.
what on earth she is trying to do.

I’ve been sleeping less 2 hrs even since projects has started.
its killing me s. I need a rest. I hate last min work seriously!
but somehow, its just can’t get away.

i miss my dear jun guang alot!

if only you were by my side.. that will be good.


RIP Nicky

28 Jul

1915, the day nicky left us.
I broke down and cried.
I would definitely miss her.
I will always the cute little face when i called her ham ham ster ster ah..
She look at me and jump.
But, now.. she no longer can do that. She’s no longer around wif us.

You are always rmb. 🙂 love you!
RIP nicky.

Projects and more projects!

19 Jul

projects is killing me! its killing my brain cells.
Especially Entrepreneur projects.  Our proposal and the financial statements.
it was very last min. Seriously, i really hate last min work, causing me to have sleepless night..
settling those mess…

many thanks to JEE and FICKEY for the help of my financial statements. THANK YOU!
next week 4 projects need to be handed up and PRESENTATION. GOSH! so BUSY!

last sat, have my ITE gathering at ecp.
the feeling was so great when i see them.
its been so long since i last seen them. And aw, miss them lots… especially ky and Cp clique.
yippes, we chatted about sch work, life… etc.. gossiping .. hahaha

well, had a little unhappy stuff tt happened. it’s annoying me somehow.
don wish to elaborate, kinda disappointing.
maybe i shldn’t care so much. Friends around me are changing. Is it good or bad?
perhaps i shldn’t have care for them so much when they do even appreciate? what’s the point.
fuck it.

if you are not happy wif my post. don read it.

World Cup finally ended.

12 Jul

World cup had officially ended! no exciting match to watch.
See you in Brazil 2014! haha.
Spain won the world cup championship. Congratulations.
Final match wasn’t really fascinating. Boring MATCH.
i bet, it causes millions of people to lose their bet. Because Spain score 1 goal after extra time!

But wad amazed me was, the 3rd place match was really exciting. Germany Vs Uruguay. Damn exciting.
Germany and Uruguay indeed played well. Love watching tt match! POWER! And Germany won! 3rd place again! haha.

im back to sch work! no more midnight watch match liao. Stress. Sleepless night again ):

World Cup.

8 Jul

world cup is gonna come to an end this coming sunday which is 12 July.
well, this yr world cup wasn’t really fascinating.
All the favourites team was eliminated.
4 yrs ago, Italy was the champion for WC .
yet they are the first team who was kicked out without entering into round 16.
Next was France, they dun really played a good game either for the past 3 matches.

What surprise me was Brazil was kicked out in round 8 which lost to Netherlands unexpectedly.
My favourite team Germany lost to Spain 0-1. sadded, guess they are not fate to get into finals.
even though i was disappointed but i couldn’t deny that Spain indeed played well.

guess you guys must be surprise when i talks about World Cup.
Well, its once in every 4 yrs. I do watch world cup. HAHA.

Waiting to watch the third place game!
Germany Vs Uruguay 11 July 2010, 2.30a.m

Lastly the finals,
Spain Vs Netherlands 12 July 2010, 2.30a.m

Happy Birthday to me (:

4 Jul

Happy 22nd Birthday to myself.

Frankly speaking, i really don feel like turning 22, making me feel so old ):

meeting dear at chinatown. As expected he was late.
well, even though i wasn’t really happy.. afterall, i do enjoyed myself.
had dim sum at chinatown. Love the food (:
the whole day being wif him was great..

just felt tt im the happiest woman on earth.
just simply enjoyed being with him.

thanks bf for making my 22nd birthday so special and wonderful.
i love you!

Lastly, thanks to my friends who wish me. Greatly appreciated. 🙂

Happy 2 yr 7 month

3 Jul

Happy 2 yr 7 month to my dearest! ♥ ♥
just wanna hold you tight till my last breath.

“The most eloquent silence; that of two mouths meeting in a KISS”