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16 Jun

i was shocked, i’ve got A for my IPP!
i nv expect i could get A.
firstly, i dun really do anything at work.
I was like watching my supervisor distributing goods.
if not, i just help me do some pick list like once a week thats all.

i even make quite a no. of mistake.
i expect my grades will be a B or even C..
i even told my friends that if i got a B for IPP is considered 偷笑了。
haha, and the moment i saw the result A!!!! omg! really happy to the max.

ok, happy for the moment.
next, the moment i switch on my laptop ~
my charger spoil! wtH!
its raining heavily outside and i just don feel like going out..

in the end, i went to sim lim square wif Joseline (:
thank god, she acc me.
had a great time chatting wif her (:
bought the charger at $40, not so expensive.. its within my budget (:

today’s mood not so bad..



and so how.. sianz..

becos.. tml got to do project… haiz…


2 weeks term break!

13 Jun

I’m having my 2 weeks term break from 14 june to 28 june!
but, there’s always called PROJECT tt we need to do during our term break!
especially entrepreneurship!

lastly, im free for ICAs written test! onli left wif CRM written test ~
last 2 weeks was really hectic ~ 2 theories ICA in a day ~
making me to study from day to midnight..
the feeling was no joke alright, damn freaking test.


went to Marina Barrage wif Jerome, Jiayin, Eugene, Randy and Xin Yi..
my first time being there, first flying kite.. the feeling was great great great.
really enjoyed myself to the max.
really have to thank this freak QL fren JEROME for organising this outing.

im sure the rest also enjoyed themselves alot!
if only, bf could bring me along next meeting, it will be great!!

Happy 2 yr 6 Month

3 Jun

happy 2 yr 6 month my love.
keep counting (:

Love is not a matter of counting the years,
But making the years count
-Michelle Amand-