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finally ~

28 May

Vesak day (:

finally! my dear mr ng jun guang called.
Dating session wif dear!
its been nearly 2 months since we last met.
and finally i waited this day!
just feeling so excited.

lunched’ at CS, i was dead hungry alr. had “ban mian”
in the end i can’t finished my meal.
acc’ him to cut his hair.. he needs to book in tonite 😦 *sadded*
meaning we have less time to see each other

went to airport to chill.
having lots of fun tgt..
those unlimited chatting session just nv ends.
public holiday really public holiday, packed wif ppl!

just simply enjoyed every moment wif u.
even its just a few hrs. but as long i got to see u. everything its worth it (:


Claire’s Wedding

23 May

yesterday, i went to attend Claire’s Wedding at Marriot Hotel!
well, it was my very first time attending my colleague’s wedding!
wif the rest of my charles and kieth colleagues.
mostly, they will from e-commerce. Im the only inventory ~ hahaha

gosh, our beautiful bride Claire was indeed gorgeous!
her wedding album was indeed very nice..
congratulations my friend!
may you and your husband stay sweet and lovely always!

photos here!


13 May

its been a week since i last update.
well, nothing went smoothly ever since sch starts.
yr 3 module was indeed terrible and stress.
it need a lot of thinking that kills my brain cells.

he told me
he maybe wasn’t the right guys for me..
he can’t make time for me.. just everything he can’t do it..
i ask him.. is it that hard.. he told me he don’t know..
the feeling was just sucky.. hate him.. but somehow.. i apologise in the end..

yengling, are u tt silly? is he really worth ? seriously, in my mind..
i really really love him..
he knows it.. he loves me too.. but we just can’t get our prb solved.
there’s too many conflicts between us ~
somehow it was out of my mind..
recently just had a big big quarrel wif jg.
relationship just sux this time.. i wonder why am i thinking so much..
like i can’t present well, can’t think well, slow, its like everything ~
sometimes, i myself felt so useless.

haiz.. those words kept flashing in my mind..
im emo now.. can u feel it?

iron man 2 booo~

8 May

wad a disappointment.. iron man 2 was not nice at all.
there’s too much dialogue ~ less action..
and worst was, the bad one died too fast.
i expect the movie to be nicer den part 1 but it prove me wrong…
ahz, not worth watching..

yah, finally got my allowance frm Charles and Keith..
but they forgot to pay my OT for warehouse sales..
now wad, i have to wait for their call…

days in school was not bad..
hates projects.. especially grouping wif sucky ppl.. hate it..
lecturers ok lah.. some quite naggy… geez..
my stress level is increasing… gosh..

well, i shall work hard…. (:
jiayou ~

Happy 29 Month and first day of school

3 May

Happy 29 Month to bf (:
keep counting and counting (:
its so blissful to have him wif me..

first day of sch after ipp.
one word to describe.. “BORED”
because, lesson ends 6p.m.. but im glad to see my classmates..
well, its better den IPP… i don feel the sianz of going to school rather den work..

first lesson was nth much.. because our lectures notes was bought yet
and most of the lesson was release early (:
well, nth much to elaborate any further..
time for reports .. deadline: 7 may 2010

gordon’s b’dae pre-celebration, IP Man 2

2 May

甄子丹的功夫好 COOL!帅极了!

meet up wif emrs peeps to celebrate gordon’s 20 birthday in advance.
yupps, went to watch IP man wif them..
and was indeed a nice movie. Worth watching.

Dinner at Sushi Tei.. food was not bad..
nth much to elaborate.. haha.. brains empty..

school starts tml.. first day after IPP..
cant wait to see my friends.. (: (: