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Last Day Of IPP

30 Apr


finally! i’ve officially ended my IPP on 30 april.
and and im back to sch on monday.
stress lvl is coming up soon ~ geez.
but there’s always good thing and bad thing..
good thing was i get to see my classmates..
bad thing was, im back to study..
well, its better than working la ~

as usual,last day of IPP was indeed excited.
kinda miss the colleagues there especially DINA.
i miss her laughter..
and and much appreciated to my department, Angela, Yulan and Siukin for ur guidance (:
really thanks for teaching me… and guiding me..
well, though as time I got nth to do.. but at the least u ppl make the effort to teach me..
once again thank you….
many thanks to the Learning and Development team for the farewell lunch…. (:

now, i have to start editing my report and my daily summary for my logbook..
seriously, i don know wad to write for my last 2 weeks summary…
cos its like nth to write ~~~~ geez…

oh ya, had a great time dining wif the usual ppl after work (:
feel so relieve after that (:


unforgettable MSG!

28 Apr

i just can’t imagine my dearest JUN GUANG send me a long msg.
2 year 4 months! i’ve been waiting for so long…
the feeling was very happy!
and good thing was his english has improved.
well, sounds abit lame.. but to me.. its a good news ya..

oh yes, thanks to claire for giving me her wedding invitation card (:
her wedding will be held at Marriot Hotel.. pretty classy hotel.

counting down 2 more days! and yesh, meeting sherryn for dinner tml.

i miss you JG!!!

counting down

27 Apr

it’s just 3 more days to officially end my IPP.
i just can’t wait to end.. 30 april, pls make my day happier…
i’m broke! need cash.. i need to go shopping before school starts.
BUT, jun guang was unable to book out 😦 he need to stay in!

oh ya, i was invited to Claire’s Wedding,
one of my colleague in CK.
wow, it was my first time attending a colleague/friend’s wedding.
pretty excited abt it!

well, its seems simple, but sincerity counts ya.

i’m just too lazy to start my report! how??????
shall start soon!


25 Apr

back to blog again..

yah, its sunday today!
meaning, 5 more days to end IPP?
i’m looking forward towards 30 April..
can’t wait to end IPP and leave CK…
there’s nth for me to stay and proceed to work for them after i graduate..

ytd have a long chat wif bf..
its been long long time since we last chatted…
the feeling was great great great…
but during our conservation,there’s little conflicts..

sorry bf,dun mean to say those words…

but everything went fine after that….(: (:
he’s just too understand and be patience wif me..
thanks dear….


false hope

18 Apr

ytd quarrel wif mum..
was damn disappointed wif her..
how could she say such a remark on me?
my efforts had went down to the drain.
those 3 yrs im working hard to get a diploma was just a sucky remark from you?

haiz. tears shed.
bf called and he was indeed disappointed for not telling him…
sorry dear, its not i don wan to tell you..
sometimes, you are just too busy….
and now dear is using reserve psychology on me..
and trying to make me happy.

afterall, my 2 yrs plus relationship wif him was indeed isnt a waste…
though there is times i really wish to let go…
but our love is getting stronger…
thank god i have you jun guang. (:]

but of cos, not forgetting joseline and melissa ~~ you girls plays a part of my life too
and so do the rest … too many to list out (:

counting down 11 days ~
can’t wait to end CKS!


16 Apr

sometimes, its good be alone.. isnt it??

i’ve got the feeling of being isolated and anti social for the time being..
i start to understand why joseline wanted to be anti
wants to hang out wif those ppl that was not related to particular person.

MC again

15 Apr

im on MC today.
my gums is killing me. Don feel like going to work.
decided to get MC.
well, nv in my life i would wan to get MC for  no reason.
but this company really pissed me off.

im like nth to do at work.
whole day stare at angela do work.
hate that feeling. the feeling was ….. haiz.. just feel pissed!
worst is next week 2 more full timer was attached to angela and siukin..
so.. where do i sit? i do wad?? freak lah! fark tt company!

i really wish to end it!!!!
don wish to work there for nth anymore!!!
had enough of it alr.

yah, tml meeting wif the usual.
can’t wait to see them soon (: