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release of exam result

23 Mar

im glad i passed all my exam! 7 modules.. cleared!

well, although i could see 2 Ds for Law and ICt.. cos i alr expected i dun do well..
but im happy tt i got 4 Bs .. its alr beyond my expectation.

i will work harder for my IPP and the rest of my module for next semester (:


where is the real me?

20 Mar

i asked myself, in my world, wad exactly i wan in life?
i don have any goals in my life.. wad’s my achievement?
wad am i good at?

im lost.
getting a diploma cert is not for me.
is for the sake of my parents.
to proof tt i can do it.

one more yr to graduate..
wad’s next?
can anybody tell me?

Bad fall during work

18 Mar

weekends is near. i can smell it.
was on MC today.
i had a bad fall late afternoon while im on work.
thanks to the slippery paper filled wif boxes.
i hurt my hand and my butt plus my head.
angela ask me: “yengling, are you alright?”

i just smile and said “yeah, im alright, no worries”.
but the fact is im in a deep pain. haiz.
was question by few HOD abt suri’s case.
well, don wish to elaborate further. Its scary somehow.
its office politics somehow. not good to be offend.

i cant wait to end ipp! im so bored at work.
there’s nth to write abt in my logbook.
terrible man. everyday, i was watching siu kin do work.
i don have a proper desk and laptop. All was to sit beside siu kin.
haiz, i’ll be crazy if this continues. Geez!

i miss sch. i miss study, although its stress but still, studying is the best.
if there’s a rule called Studying can earn you an income, i’ll definitely would go for it.

studying is never ending

I miss my boy to the max!

nightmare over, Goodbye WH Sale

15 Mar

im back everyone!
its been so long since i’ve last update my blog.
i just had my 4 days of war at Charles and Keith Warehouse Sale.
everyone of us including me as an intern, office staffs and outlet staffs are to help out.

tat 4 days was hectic. Standing 13 hrs was like, OMG, my legs was painful.
im not tired, its just tt my legs.. its killing me!
first day and third was worst. The crowd was like omg… packed wif ppl.
and the ppl there was like using their credit cards like nobody biz.

well, i had a great time lah, team bonding was there exception of one.
dun wish to elaborate. but i love to team wif sherrlyn (:
she frm finance department, damn nice and funny..
we were like joking around when the customer came to make payment

anyway, Warehouse Sale is over.
well, i’ve gt things to write in my summary for my logbook.
great. Shall elaborate alot when im doing my report.

6 weeks more! jiayou! can’t wait to end IPP!

oh ya, i’ve got a NEW phone! Samsung Jet. well, not very new phone actually.
but i kinda like the phone.

can’t believe i’ve got myself a white  Samsung JEt. not bad lah. its nice (:

i miss my dear friends ): and him!

Birthday and Anniversary

3 Mar


And Happy 27 Month wif Jun Guang

shall not elaborate what I’ve done during my work.

oh yesh, mum’s birthday is today!
meet dear at tampines to get her a birthday cake.
after work i was tired alr, maybe because im hungry ba.
haha, dinner at foodcourt near my place.

wad shld i say, the food there nv failed to please us.
it delicious! even dear said that the good is great!
seeing smiley faces frm everyone brightens me up!

im glad everyone is enjoying themselves.

*dad seems to like him more alr (:
well its a good sign! (: