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weekends passes so fast

28 Feb

well, first week of internship was over.
im left wif 9 weeks more. Still a long way man.
working in Charles and Keith headquarter wasn’t tt bad afterall.
the colleagues there can say, they are pretty friendly not arrogant.
exception of one, well… its my personal obeservation.

orientation was great, although its abt customer service.
the trainer and colleagues were nice and friendly.
learning there was ok, will strive well. jiayou ba~

ytd, finally got to meet my co peeps.
oh man! its like finally most of them turn up!
was damn happy lah!! will organise outings and gatherings again!!
this time round, wont wan yuhui to miss it again!

well, suntec is crowded wif PPL!
omg, wanted to had buffet and its packed.
so our last decision was, we decided to go cafe cartel to had our dinner.
dear and i shared and he order another pork ribs.. HE FINISH it! omg!
forgot to take photos we ate. its alot! omg.

photo taking sessions at esplanade!
photos is up in facebook (:

counting 9 weeks!! =(
counting down to my mum birthday 3 march and my 2 yr 3 months wif Jun Guang! !! (:

well, i know a little secret abt something and i felt so happy when dear told me!
the feeling was great great great! aw!


singing session wif jose!

21 Feb

backed from blog.
well, i know i’ve lazy updating my blog.
well, CNY was great. although someone put me aeroplane. haiz.
dun wan elaborate any further.
i just hate broken promises.

well, i had a great time wif jose ytd.
guess, we’re been friends for like 12 long years,
and its the first time we sang together at kbox.
the feeling was great great.
i really let down my hair and SING!

all my thoughts and saddness just went away!
hahaha, well. thanks to my sore throat!
haiz, its killing me!
but now im feeling better alr.

IPP starts tml!
haiz, boring! and also good lah..
meaning im graduating soon!
im gonna be 3rd year student.
geez, time passes sooooo fast!!!

gtg for nw.


14 Feb


Happy Valentine’s Day

enjoy urself wif ur family and those who are in love,
at the same time, celebrate wif ur love ones 🙂

great reunion lunch and dinner

13 Feb

its chinese new year eve!
mum had cook lots of delicious food for reunion lunch.
this year, jun guang came over to my place for reunion lunch 🙂
glad he enjoyed himself.

after lunch, he brought me to jurong point.
haha, actually he wanted to give me a dolphin necklace for
but in the end, the shop was closed. haha, i could see his disappointment look.
nah, its ok!~ after tt, we passed by a florist shop.
the moment he saw it, he bought me a teddy bear flowers for me!
its nice can! how sweet. love you dear!

after tt, went over to his hse for reunion dinner wif his family.
his mum cooked steamboat also. nice.
and thanks to his mum for the gifts and red packets 🙂
the feeling was so warm and comfortable.
haha, i also got to see junguang’s childhood times.
compared from now.. he really change alot.

suppose to go river hongbao de.
but due to time constraint and the gift his mum give me..
we’re got no choice but to go home.
jun guang stay over to come down CNY wif us!
great! i suppose he had a great time playing wif ryan lah!
anyway he enjoyed.

thanks jun guang for the gift and everything!
love you deep deep!

finally, its over.

12 Feb

firstly, wanna wish Erica


finally im free frm exam ~
after retail’s paper, went for briefing abt IPP.
pretty satisfied with my IPP cos i was posted to Charles and Keith HQ.
which means, i don haf to work outlet anymore but to work in the office.
and sun is my OFF day! but i have to work on sat which is alternate sat.

went to marina square for lunch wif the usual ppl (EMRS peeps)
its been soooo long since we last gather.
the feeling was awesome lah! great great great!
had fish and chip at cafe cartel. 🙂

went to play car racing ! haha damn fun lah!
after which went to play pool!
first time in my life that i ACTUALLy play POOL!
omg! hahaha.. not bad eh. quite fun.

the gathering last abt few hrs.
cos everyone of us is tired.
lack of sleep due to exam.
so we separate our ways.

went to isetan to hunt for my CNY clothes.
last min shopping and finally i found one.
haha cost me abt $43.20. The dress was nice 🙂
after tt went to hunt for junguang’s gift.
wah, dolphin gift wasn’t easy to find sia.
but i manage to find it at century square. ITS nice lah!!

back home. my face was damn cui.
feeling giddy, tired and shagg.

looking forward tml ~


8 Feb

ended biz finance paper today.
one word to describe: CARELESS 😦
haiz, i don have time to check my work!
the time is very limit. 1 hr 30 mins only!

i guess my Bs for finance is gone.
nvm lah, pass jiu hao.

tml efma paper.
hope is an easy paper or average also can.
1 down 4 more to go.
im dead wif theories, especially marketing.

jun guang ask me to go over his hse for reunion dinner!
oh geez. his mum actually ask me to go ~
yah, i agreed. thinking wad shld i get for his mum?
well, after 2 yrs of being tgt, its my first time goin his hse..
lolz, sound im a new gf to him. lolz.
i wonder how the feeling would be…
definitely speechless.

5 more days to CNY.
can’t wait to end my exams this coming fri!
im gonna get junguang a dolphin!!

Paper 1 of the Day Biz Finance.

6 Feb

im gonna be dead shit.
i don know how to do. Debt financing, EOQ and Equity Financing.
this time round, im in a dead shit!
bless me on monday. HAIZ, who ask me so last min practice. Serve me right! DAMN!

i guess i will practice again tml!
I need MOTIVATION! jiayou jiayou.

Was chatting on the phone with Jun Guang earlier on..
its like, its been so long we chat till so HAPPILY!
well, im looking forward on the 13 feb.
he’s coming over to my place for reunion lunch!
not dinner cos my dad is working ah. No choice.

first time ever, my dear is coming over~
he told me 自己人一起吃比较好。
he’s more and more like part of my family.
yah, how wish he is “my family” for the rest of my life.

im gonna get him a dolphin gift for
lolz, this is wad he requested from me as he told i nv gave him a dolphin gift.
well, as promised. I’ll get u one 🙂