World Most Beautiful Castle!

22 Jan

was surfing the yahoo search engine,
and i came across this news from yahoo..
and stated “World Most Beautiful Castle”.
i found it interesting, so i just blog it here to share wif you guys.

Bamburgh Castle: Built in C.420
Location: UK, England, Northumberland

Beaumaris Castle: Built in 1295 by King Edward
Location: Beaumaris, Anglesey, Wales

Bran Castle: Built in 1212 by Teutonic Knights
Location: Romania

Château de Castelnaud Castle: Built in 1152
Location: Dordogne, France

Château de Chillon Castle: first written record of the castle is in 1160 or 1005
Location: Montreux Switzerland

* i was inspired by this castle alot. Damn beautiful and scenic, located near the mountains and the sea

Eilean Donan Castle: built in the early 13th century
Location: Loch Duich, Scotland

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle: first explicit mention that is known was in 1147
Location: Orschwiller, Alsace, France

Kronborg Castle: built in the 1420s by the Danish King, Eric of Pomerania
Location: Denmark

Leeds Castle: Built in 1119 by Robert De Crevecoeur
Location: Maidstone, Kent, England

Neuschwanstein Castle: foundation stone of the building was laid September 5, 1869
Location: Bavaria, Germany

if i could had a chance to visit these castle, i would definitely go and took tons of photos!
these castles is indeed awesome, historical and beautiful! i wonder how they built it!


2 Responses to “World Most Beautiful Castle!”

  1. Tom September 26, 2010 at 4:31 pm #

    Don’t know if you are aware but the Neuschwanstein Castle was Walt Disney’s inspiration for his Sleeping Beauty Castle at Disneyland. Just a little tidbit I picked up doing research. I am a neuvo castle fan.

    Love your site and the castle pics. Gives me inspiration to travel to these sites as well.


    • yeng ling September 27, 2010 at 1:53 pm #

      thanks so much! i would love to travel these site too! it inspires me a lot.

      Cheers 🙂

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