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31 Jan


as promised, jun guang said he will acc me to go out.
although i was too reluctant to go out as the day before,
i agreed to study wif Eugene but in the end i went out wif jg.
haha, sorry Eugene. Will make up wif you soon.

yeah, went to Chinatown.
well, we both have the same mindset to go chinatown fo a walk.
geez, chinatown was pack wif cheenas, ppl like us and the tourist.
just love the crowded la, the feeling of CNY.
but the weather was too hot to walk for long.

although its just a few hours of dating,
but to me its more than enough.
if not, starting from april onwards,
i doubt we can meet up often 😦
i just wish he can finish his NS soon! faster ORD.
its killing me somehow.

i just love going out wif you.
you mean everything to me.
i hugggs you JG!


Happy 22nd Jessica!

29 Jan

Firstly wanna wish our dear Jessica,


headed to sch today,
had efma and marketing revision. last day of lecture and tutorial.
haha, finally. there goes our study week.
i haven even start anything yet.
sianz lah! no mood alr.

after marketing, jerome drive me to hougang mall.
thanks ah! ur driving skills not bad eh.
went back home to put my lappy before i meet joseline.
don really like to bring lappy along when im going out wif friends.

meet up wif jose. headed to bugis to waterloo street guan yin temple.
after which, we headed to orchard for shopping.
but i dun managed to go 313 to shop. no time 😦
and while on our way, i lose one pair of my earrings 😦
its my fav dolphin earrings! omg !! SADDED!

dinner at Iluma, Ben 10 cafe.
pretty much enjoyed although her BF is kinda anti social.
dun even bother to chat wif us.
kinda moody.

celebrate at rooftop garden.
nth much elaboration.
the photos had explain the whole thing alr.

dear jg suppose to send me home,
but in the end, his mum ask him to go home due some reasons.
and there goes joseline’s effort. haha. wad a waste.


26 Jan

i was feeling real tired and sleepy these few days.
i wondered wad on earth is wrong wif me.
yea, retail revision lecture was over.
quite a no. of topic to cover and need to focus on for my exam.

work at helpdesk was fun.
tat joevin really brighten us up!
haha, i wonder how our life would be in helpdesk if he graduate?
it will boring. No happening stories alr.

as mention last post, i said i won’t skip tutorial or lecture right?
i take back my words.
Im skipping tutorial tml.
boring tutorial because i never do the tutorial for biz law.
in fact, nv do i ever do biz law tutorial! too many words lah!

but, will come for lecture.
have IPP briefing tml!
wonder where im attached to what company!
haiz. sianz sianz sianz.

gtg for nw. prepare for exam

monday blues

25 Jan

another 2 more weeks is my end of year 2 exam.
after which, there goes to my 2 months IPP.
haiz. boring semester.

today isn’t a good day.
Jerome PMSING.. suddenly he became so quiet the moment he came for efma tutorial.
another one, i guess she was kena put aeroplane by Randy..
and dunno what happened, she suddenly told she’s not going for tutorial and lecture.
and i just said her tt she PS me…
and there she goes her nonsense saying, i went to work as lab assistant PS her.
wtf! i really feel like saying her back.

haiz. not a good good day today.
but not too bad. i’ve got back my efma results ICA3 and project.
both score an A. yeah. pretty satisfied about my results.
shall put in EXTRA effort for final exam ~

i guess, i wont wan to skip tutorial or lecture. 🙂


23 Jan

the moment i read my marketing lecture notes,
im starting yawning and feeling sleepy and tired.
its all words.

its killing me! i just can’t get the notes into my head!

World Most Beautiful Castle!

22 Jan

was surfing the yahoo search engine,
and i came across this news from yahoo..
and stated “World Most Beautiful Castle”.
i found it interesting, so i just blog it here to share wif you guys.

Bamburgh Castle: Built in C.420
Location: UK, England, Northumberland

Beaumaris Castle: Built in 1295 by King Edward
Location: Beaumaris, Anglesey, Wales

Bran Castle: Built in 1212 by Teutonic Knights
Location: Romania

Château de Castelnaud Castle: Built in 1152
Location: Dordogne, France

Château de Chillon Castle: first written record of the castle is in 1160 or 1005
Location: Montreux Switzerland

* i was inspired by this castle alot. Damn beautiful and scenic, located near the mountains and the sea

Eilean Donan Castle: built in the early 13th century
Location: Loch Duich, Scotland

Haut-Koenigsbourg Castle: first explicit mention that is known was in 1147
Location: Orschwiller, Alsace, France

Kronborg Castle: built in the 1420s by the Danish King, Eric of Pomerania
Location: Denmark

Leeds Castle: Built in 1119 by Robert De Crevecoeur
Location: Maidstone, Kent, England

Neuschwanstein Castle: foundation stone of the building was laid September 5, 1869
Location: Bavaria, Germany

if i could had a chance to visit these castle, i would definitely go and took tons of photos!
these castles is indeed awesome, historical and beautiful! i wonder how they built it!


20 Jan

finally, retail presentation was over.
now im left wif jap role play, e assignment and ICT ICA 4.
and there goes my exams.
im like never had a good rest.

meet up wif dear bf for awhile to pass him something.
hai, heard some bad news frm him,
saying he can’t book during CNY due to lack of NS men.
wtf. is super unfair and it was like the first time im hearing this case.
CNY impt to ppl like us CHINESE, yet the army dun allow them to celebrate.
its like SUPER unfair.

bf was like no life lah, i can’t even meet him at all.
only i got to meet him one day before my attachment.
which is one month frm now. and AGAIN this happens!
y NS must steal bf frm me. Make his NS life so miserable. 😦

poor junguang. =((((
miss him so so so so much!