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busy term break.

27 Dec

christmas is over.
now looking forward to count down 2010 wif my fellow co peeps~
wow! its been donkey months since i last seen them.
and hopefully we’ll have fun ya ~

weekends was boring.
nv go out due to raining and NO $$$
how wish $$ can drop from the sky~ (quoted frm stephanie)
was busying watching 宫心计, its similar to 大长今. but not bad wors.
tml onwards, back to sch work and projects. -_-“

received christmas gift from joseline.
thanks gal. love the gift alot.
she even came over to my place and pass it to me.
aw ~ so sweet! thanks gal.

thanks gal!

well, 2009 is coming to an end soon.
a brand new yr, brand new wish, brand new life.
well, 2009 have been a fruitful year for me.
although there’s up and down but i enjoyed myself alot.

as usual, i hope 2010 will be better for me =)

things that happened during 2009

1. i have chicken pox before chinese new year.
– geez, bad timing. cause my dad to have chinese pox during chinese new yr. aiyoz!

2. i dun do well for my yr 1 sem 2. GPA was sux ~ but manage to pass all.
– duno y did so badly. haiz, maybe nv put in more effort ba. sianz.

3. i had a memorable 21st birthday this year.
– biggest thanks to my MUM and DAD and my dearest JG for their help and effort !

4. i enjoyed TEP in yr 2 sem 1.
– i’ve make many new friends in TEP! ppl, like the “usual people” (you guys know hu u are!)
i love them lots
. Enjoyed every moment wif them!

5. Had a little argument wif bf, nearly ended our relationship.
– phew ~ because of my persistent and his determination, we nv quarrel after tt.

6. My relationship wif Bf have finally turned 2 years old.
– my longest relationship so far, thanks dear for being there for me.

7. I passed my marketing wif flying colours for the first time.
– first time ever i’ve got B for theory! HAHAHA

8. Never celebrate 2 yr anniversary and valentine’s day wif dear.
– perhaps its fated i guess. Dear is always busy wif his NS. hate it to the max.
but wad to do, i just have to endure ya. jiayou ~

well, new yr resolution will update soon ~ =)


Merry Christmas!

25 Dec


gatherings was great

21 Dec

yeah, i enjoyed every gatherings that i’ve spend wif my friends.

on 19 dec, i’ve got back my marketing results!
guess wad, i pass my marketing wif flying colours 😀
got 29 out of 40! its a B grade. first time ever.

after marketing, i receive another christmas gift from melissa.
aw, felt so guilty about it for not giving her a gift.
im totally broke. i’ll make up wif you soon ~
and thanks for the gift.

in the evening, finally meet up wif my girls and jerome ~
its like soo long nv meet my twins! suyu ~ aw i miss her lots.
and eventually we have a great time chatting at Ben 10 cafe.
photos is wif Daniel. Aw.. wonder when can i get it from him!

gift exchange. thanks suyu for the gift 🙂

20 dec, meet up wif co peeps ~
finally we are meeting up. its like, its been donkey months since i last met them!
we are going to eat fermented toufu! hahaha!~
organised by Mr Xie Jin Wei.

before that, meet jessica at tm as she wants to buy her dress for her colleagues wedding.
and guess wad, just one glance, she bought her pink dress from Isetan.
dear meet me at tm as well. he’s always late lah ~

lunch at geylang. had fermented toufu and some side dish.
enjoyed ourselves eating and chatting plus cracking around.
haha, its always so fun having with them around.
can disturb each other 😀

bus’ed to raffles city..
shop around, and our dear jun guang suggested to chill at coffee bean.
and after tt went to acrade to play some basketball shooting.
quite fun.. and after tt passed by a painting shop..

dear find it interesting and decide to purchase a dolphin and paint it for me.
aw, so sweet of him. Intially, i nv want that dolphin.. haha.
since he says there’s time, he wants to paint the dolphin for me.
thanks dear 😀

look at his serious looks! so cutee !

final product =) nice right !

dad send jess, jin wei and dear home.
thanks dad..

and thanks dear for making the effort to paint the dolphin for me.
really appreciate and touched.
you always do that to make me happy ~ love you!

oh ya, i wanna thank Jin Wei for the christmas gift. love it~

20 dec. Meet up wif our EMRS peeps to go ICE SKATING!
haha, i know samuel had waited the day for SO LONG.
and finally our dear Zhang Yan is meeting us !!
and our ice skating outing is finally come true as promise.

well, its been like donkey years since i last skate wif my working colleagues.
and now, im back again to skate. and thank god, i dun fall down..
although those “soon to be fall down” makes zhang yan to laugh like hell.
but its sounds so wrong! but good lah. at least they enjoyed themselves.

i wanna go ice skating again! ahahaha. well, its NOT cheap seh!
nearly to $20! for tt damn gloves and skating shoes.
and the skating shoes is SOOOO smelly! i wonder they don wash the shoes. GEEZ!
hahahah! our dear gordon is SOOOO good at skating.. aw! jealous ah!

well, we went to sg flyer for dinner as everyone of us is hungry alr.
went to eat Popeye.. had some emoing session by samuel.
aw quite sad seh, after listening his problems.
after tt parted.. as im meeting my parents for 2nd round dinner.

aw~ i miss the chatting session at esplanade. SO SAD!


17 Dec

oh yes, tml is the last day before my 2 weeks semester term break!~
and finally meeting wif my girls (melissa and suyu) plus jerome and jac (his gf)
for christmas dinner gathering. woo~~ so excited abt it ya.
it was like finally we are meeting up tml.

well, im so scared abt tml’s marketing ica marks.
im so scared that i might fail. Really scared.
haiz, i’ve got a feeling that i might fail. geez.
pls give me a pass and im alr contented !

projects submission tml.
biz finance and emfa.
well, must really thanks to jerome for making so much effort to the project.
feel so guilty abt when i dun help much.
haiz. during the term break, must chiong 2 projects. Retail and Marketing.
hate marketing project to the max ~

i have 3 gathering this week!
tml, meeting my ITE peeps.
sat, meeting my CO peeps.
and last but not least in sun, im meeting my EMRS peeps!

so look forward to the gatherings 🙂

Westlife New Album

11 Dec

oh yes! Westlife is BACK. Their 10th Album!~ their New Album for the yr 2009!
i’m gonna buy their Album ~
love the song called ” What About Now”.
well, i know they are getting old lah~ now like the youngster now.
but their songs was great~ love them bits ~

its been a year since they release their album.
now finally its their 10th Album.
omg, they have been tgt as a band for so LONG~
well, i remember when i was young, i love their songs alot.

till now its been 10 years.
Westlife YOU RULES.
keep rocking ~


9 Dec



sorry for not turning up ur birthday party.
it like sooo long since i met up wif JG.
and tts the only day i can meet him..
if not, i dunno when can i ever meet him again due to his NS.
forgive me alr.

i’ll make up wif you. Ur dear pressie is wif me.
pass it to u soon when we meet up ~

well, ytd night.. my tears was rolling.
was thinking abt the course im studying right now.
freaking confused whether have i choose the right course?
and im kinda loser and idiot plus stupid tt i can’t help much in projects.
when can i ever stand up again to crack up my brain to go for my goals?

or, should i say what is my goals? i have no idea.
seriously speaking, i don know wad am i doing?
why am i doing this?
where are my goals? what is my strength? i don know.
i guess, i’ll find one day to see a psychiatrist. Maybe it can help me.
telling me wad to do.

im going bonkers soon~
seriously i really need a break to think~~~

8 Dec

dad is away from home for 9 freaking days.
kinda miss my dad when he’s not at home.
sounds so weird without any noise at home.
cant wait to see my dad this coming sun.

2more week to term break.
so freaking look forward to it.
at least i don have to wake up early.
i can at least spend more time on my studies at home some how.

projects need to be complete by next week.
arhz. i wish term break would be tml.
i wanna have a good rest ya.
miss all my friends.

cant wait for christmas!