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last paper of the week.

25 Nov

i’ve clear all my ics except for jap which today.
i guess all my icas i dun do well.
either is careless or simpy never read the question.
i just hate myself for not putting so much effort especially retail.
i tot the paper was hard, but it turns out to be easy which i can’t even do it.
guess, im bound to fail retail.
im such a useless case.

its thurs now. one more week to my 2 yr anniversary wif jg.
wad a sad news that he can’t book out on thurs.
i just hate his NS life. making his life so miserable.
making me to feel loney when he’s not wif me all the time.

i can’t blame him at all. he’s not a fault afterall.
though i knew he feel guilty abt it.
who to blame? His NS lah!

well, at least i know he cares for me.
thanks love, for loving me.
i will endure till you ord. i promise.
time goes by, i love him more and more den anyone else.



21 Nov

i am so disappointed wif my current ICA i’ve done.
i wonder wad is wrong with me man!
i studied so hard for freaking ICTs and i just passed 😦
my classmate got pretty high marks. and im sooo speechless for wad i’ve done.
like for example, my biz finance.. it was an easy paper, yet i can’t balance.
and my accounting ica, it was an also a easy paper, yet my answer wasn’t the same as jerome.
im so disappointed lah! efforts went down to the drain.

and now, im chionging my retail and marketing.
and i have no fucking no idea on retail. its just too many to study.
i need a break man!~ how wish thursday will come faster.
i need you! but where were you?

just hate the feeling to the max.
my tolerance have come to a limit.
im tired, im really tired..
i just wish i can cried out loud.
to make me feel better.

*i wish everything would be the same when we first met, the feeling was so much better den now but it just not right and good right now. its hurts me some how. im deeply emotional now.


14 Nov

here i present…



its a MUST watch! beginning was rather unrealistic somehow.
but it was indeed touching.
though the movie was 2 hr 30 mins. It’s worth watching!
this movie is not only about the world is ending.
it’s about kinship.

what if this really happened?
will you treasure your loves one before you leave this world.
the answer is certainly YES.

don say about the world is ending, just treasure your love ones around you.
you’ll never know how important they were in your life.
they are PRICELESS!

stress week ahead.

14 Nov

wiki presentation is finally over.
it took me about one week to finish this wiki project.
well, don wish to elaborate the process of doing project, im hell freaking tired.
now, im left wif 7 more ICAs before i really can rest well.

18 Nov -Biz Finance
19 Nov – ICT E quiz (weightage 10%)
20 Nov – EMFA
23 Nov – Marketing
24 Nov – Retail
25 Nov – Business Law
26 Nov- Jap ICA

how am i goin to have a good rest for the next 2 weeks?

haiz, bf is so busy. i just hate it to the max.
sometimes, i really wish him to be my side right now.
im starting to get tired of it alr.
our anniversary is getting nearer, i guess its just a day. a normal day i guess.
i feel like crying!  😦


8 Nov

ytd was totally enjoyable.
firstly, its like donkey years that, Ms SHIHUI actually ask me out.
initially, we went to study before we meet jinkai at cineleisure.
went to coffee bean to study but nth went into my head due to some reasons.

had a great chat wif her.
its been so long since we sat down and chat.
love the feeling. 😀

meet wif jinkai. Well, his brother and kiemin joined.
had dinner at HK cafe.
so long nv went there to eat le.
love the food.

watch jennifer’s body at Gary’s laptop.
well, its not wad i expected.
the storyline was somehow draggy and too much dialodge.
but Megan Fox is indeed hot but she’s not tt attractive afterall.
but Amanda Seyfried is indeed hot and beautiful. love her eyes. =)


Exciting movie comes here.
we went to watch this korean movie called “My Girlfriend is An Agent”
wad i should its awesome movie. its so funny till i laugh out loud.
Kang Ji Hwan is so hot and HANDSOME! love his acting so much!
i rated 4.5 stars out of 5 😀


tts all folks.

and and one last time before i end, i miss NJG to the max!~

Happy Anniversary

3 Nov

just exactly one more month to our 2 yr anniversary!

love you JGGGG! 😀