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28 Oct

im feeling so sick since last sunday.
i think is due to the EMRS bbq where i went swimmng wif yimei and zheng xin.
my whole body was weak, im having a bad headache.
i was having flu for the past 3 days, eating panadol just won’t help.

so ytd i went to consult doctor, doctor gave me MC and 3 types of medicine.
its all pills not syrup. also good lah, it won’t cause me drowness.
sleep the whole day last night, im still feeling giddy and my cough is worst.

and today, i went to sch. i was coughing and sneezing all the way.
it sucks man! i just hate being sick! thank god i don have fever, if not its even worst.
kip business law lecture today, went to national museum for NE education.
its my 2nd time been there, not bad eventually.

went home after tt, eat medicine and sleep.
im feeling so much better now but im still coughing and sneezing. hopefully tml will get well soon!
tml there’s jap lesson and ICT test. i guess i gonna fail the test! its soo long can! 75 pages! geez!

junguang msg me this:  from today onwards, sleep before 11p.m. This is an order.
i just smile when  i saw the msg.
i’m going for my lala land now.
good nitess 🙂


Memorable BBQ wif EMRS peeps

25 Oct

Hello!~ im back to blog again.
yeah!~ sch was fine. Its been a week.
test for ICTs is coming next thurs. wtf.
i haven even get prepare for tt test yet.
was doin tutorial today. Biz finance and Emfa.

i officially hates biz finance.
it really kills tons of my brain cells.
initally i don know wad the freak the lecturer is teaching abt.
i spend abt 1 hr understand tt module! and doin tt freaking tutorials is killing me!

ytd went to EMRS bbq at gordon’s hse.
thanks mum for helping to cook bee hoon for us.
lots of comments frm my friends that the been hoon is delicious 😀
haha. thanks

quite of no. of ppl came and eventually the food tt gordon prepared was indeed delicious.
i love the garlic bread! it was soooo nice and crispy can!
love the satay and otah as well!~ great great great!
just enjoyed hanging out wif them ya!

after tt, me, sarah, erica, zheng xin and yimei headed to the swimming pool.
wow, i shld say the swimming pool was indeed nice!
really feel like swimming! well eventually i did went for swimming wif my clothes on! haha!
the feeling was so great and peaceful.
i dunno how long since i last swim!

lotsa fun and laughter la, like joel push sarah to the pool, so do erica and joel..
it like so happy! hahahha! meet up soon ya!!
lastly EMRS peeps! you rocks!

 EMRS BBQDSC02220DSC02221DSC02222

time to study.

19 Oct

sch starts today. as in my tep had officially ended last fri 😦
a brand new day, a brand new term has started.
time to work hard to strike for good results.
looking at the lecture notes, really kills tons of my brain cells. especially biz finance.

i don know wad the hell is the lecturer is teaching.
she is just reading from the lecture notes!
geez, guess i had to rely on myself.
god bless me den.

went in to class today, saw lots of familiar faces..
ppl like jiayin, fickey, aishini… my yr 1 classmates.
but its seems like we no longer close anymore due to tep.
my yr 1 clique, all scattered around.. its quite sad lah..
i admit im close to zheng xin.. we talks alot.

i miss my emrs peeps to the max.
just wait till wed.. we gonna play badminton! 😀

today’s lesson was completely bored.
i got 4 hrs of break after accounting lesson!
after which, attend marketing lecture for an hr and go for biz finance tutorial.
guess wad, he just finish his talking abt 15 mins.. another 1 hr 15 min break before biz finance lecture starts!
i just hate too many breaks in a day!~ its killing me somehow.

tml is the worst. attend one lecture,  den 5 hrs break! shit man!
dunno whether am i meeting bf anot. haiyo!~ cos i wanna acc zheng xin also.
just hope tml he can’t make it.. lolz. although i really wish to meet him.
i just hate this semester timetables. Its sux to the core.

tts all for today. nitez nitez!

cycling wif EMRS peeps, Joseline 21st

17 Oct


meet up wif emrs peeps (zhangyan, essanne, zheng xin, gordon, jerome n sing nee)  at parkway parade.
our first outing after EMRS 🙂
we went to east coast for cycling!~ wooh!
before that, we went to the hawker centre to have our lunch.
geez, the weather was sooo hot…

while waiting for essanne to come, we went to mac to chill..
really can’t take it lah, weather was too hot!
haha, after tt we went to a place that was cooling. we set there and played HEART ATTACK!
finally! essanne came! initally gerald came to join us as well.

we cycle all the way to changi!
it was my first time cycling so far!
my leg was tired alr.
We went like 2 hrs plus to from east coast to changi, changi to east coast.
legs tired, butt pain. but we had fun!

dinner at yoshinoya exception of me and jerome cos later im goin to jose’s pre-21st celebration at pasir ris.
and jerome went to his friend’s 21 birthday at costa sands.
separate our ways and receive an sms frm zhang yan. i miss you zhang yan. was indeed touching when i read it!

meet bf at pasir ris.
headed straight to joseline’s 21st.
hmm, saw gerald! my primary sch friends.
had dinner there. hungry.
thanks dear for sending me home!

thats all folks =)

Goodbye TEP n EMRS.

16 Oct

last day of tep. haiz.
9 weeks just passes real fast. 😦
I really have fun in EMRS!
how wish TEP will end when we graduate.

many thanks to sing nee and erica for the cards and gift.
really sad to leave EMRS. we are really close den my yr 1 clique.
i admit im close to them. we sees each other and work tgt everyday.
i definitely miss them. Especially Erica.
we have gone through lots of teamwork when we are in MSC Frenz n EMRS.

had lunch tgt wif our clique at junction 8 pizza hut.
its seems like gordon is part of us alr.
he joined us when he’s having ELDC 😉
hopefully he can went back on time.

had our graduation in LTD 5 by Mr chong.
thanks so much for making us the video.
he’s really a good supervisor that deserve our respect.
this is the best farewell graduation in EMRS i had.
better den MSC =)

after that, we went to take photos wif Mr Chong.
went back to EMRS room to take our farewell photos..
tears rolling, its really sad. I really can’t bear to leave them.
especially when i get to interact more wif Petrina and Samuel!
its really damn sad can! i don wish to go back to study!

to my dear EMRS peeps:
you guys rocks to the core. I enjoyed every single moment wif you ppl. I love team 1, i love you ppl! i love playing badminton wif you guys. i really enjoyed myself when we are in EMRS. Thanks so much for entering in my life. i’ll nv forget you ppl! we’ll keep in touch! 😀



11 Oct

hello peeps.
gonna end my TEP is just one week! 😦
its like time passes so fast!
i’m going to start my studies. It’s really STUDYING!
it’s like so many modules to study can. geez.

oh ya, last fri. It was the DBI student last day.
Gordon and Amit is leaving us and head to ELDC for their next stop over. 😦
its so sad can! haiz. can’t had fun wif them alr.
anyway, we manage to took some photos wif them while having lunch at the naked fish 😉EMRS

alright, games day again. i dun really enjoy it at all!~
took tons of photos. anything just refer to my facebook ya.
after the game.. had some briefing for designing the room in EMRS. lolz.
boring.. why must we design when we are leaving soon! geez.

after tt, meet up wif junguang for dinner.
bought a pair of shoes for huiting’s wedding!
thanks junguang for helping me to pay.
lolz. sounds weird when he told me ask me to give him 20cents.

chilled at coffeebean. well, dun really had time tgt.
haiz, its always like tt when we get to meet each other, he will meet his fren later.
tears rolling when i went home alone. i just hate the feeling.
but wad else can i do? like tt lor.

and ytd, went to attend cousin’s huiting’s wedding at park royal hotel.
i love the dress tt i bought it. Mum and bro said i look on tt dress and wif the make up.
woow! its the first time hearing from them. the feeling was soooo great.
dinner was great, dad was joking around wif my aunt and cousins.


after wedding dinner, dad drive me to melissa pre-celebrate at aloha.
at the same time, drive jerome there as well.
catch up wif the rest, and dun really eat the food cos im pretty bloated alr.
pretty upset when she told me that her friends last min put her aeroplane.
wad an irresponsible frens she had. so bad.
looking at her, she seems upset. haiz.

junguang was waiting for me before he leave the place.
had a great time chatting wif him 🙂 love you.
photos upload. enjoy!


3 Oct

our 1 yr 10 months
Happy Anniversary Jun Guang 😀
its just 2 more months away to our 2 yr anniversary.
time passes so fast.

well, PERSONAL SELLING is finally come to an end!~
it like been one month to do all these stuffs.
and finally its over.

gonna bids goodbye to EMRS and there ends my TEP.
its like SOOOO fast.. 6 months of attachments..
and finally come to an end soon…
i’ll definitely MISS EMRS!~ serious!.
the ppl there is really nice and funny!~

next week gonna take loads of leave.
wanna use them all because last week of EMRS we can’t take leave ah. -_-”
anyway, pics below for the personal selling.



// edited

meet dear jessica at small mac.
went shopping at tampines mall n tampines 1 to search for my cousin’s wedding clothes.
finally i’ve found one tt i find nice. its a DRESS! i look fat in tt dress but i don care lah!~
just wear it for the sake of my cousin’s wedding.
gonna borrow some accessories from either melissa or jessica. lolz.

the freaking dress cos abt $70! its freaking expensive lah!~
but jess said its nice. haha!~ i find it nice too. so initally i bought it.
dinner at long john. nice chat nice dinner of the day. 😉