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busy week ahead.

28 Sep


monday blues. weekends just passed to quickly!
wanted to take off this week but thanks to the personal selling distribution that held us back.
today not too bad, was slacking and do some checking of our master distribution list.
everything was correct. Many thanks to Zhang Yan and Sing Nee for making the effort to stay back last fri. πŸ˜€

lunched wif the scmc ppl. and my team 1 mates.
after tt headed back for packing tickets for singapore flyers.
and went to the collection to do the labelling.
haha, after tt we like playing around in the room.. some funny stunts. haha.

watched “The Red Shoe” on youtube, recommended by Zhang Yan.
the show is NOT NICE, not SCARY at all! LOL!~

haiz, tml, wed and thurs will be a busy day for us. 😦
after thurs, we are FREE hahaha!~
should i take off next week?



26 Sep

bf is back frm malaysia. he called me last night πŸ˜€
we chat today on the webcam.
he said he enjoyed himself and bought loads of shirts.
LOL!~ good lah. enjoying himself for the past 4 days.
well he got me a souvenir. πŸ˜‰
wanna meet him soooon!

im speechless. im touched. thanks for everything bf.
i love you.

wonderful telematch n meaningful community event

24 Sep

i gonna bloggg this wonderful event i have and my telematch as well.

Β ytd EMRS team 3 and 4 organised a community service event.
well everything was great. We like first time going to the old folks as a whole. =)
everyone was like very excited about it πŸ™‚
some kind of an excursion somehow. Like small kids. lolz.

reach there about 10 plus in the morning..
the senior citizens were having their lunch.
just imagine they are having the LUNCH in the morning!~
thats the first i ever heard.

weΒ  were scattered around to serve the oldies.
some of them feed them to eat.
it hurts to see them so helpless 😦
we even chat wif them, asking them abt their hobbies.
its pretty much enjoyable.

well, everyone was famished after helping wif the old folks..
the freaking weather was soo hot..
and we need to walk out to take bus to heartland mall.
my clique and i had pizza hut.. some of them went to hawker to eat, some went to KFC.

after lunch, we decide to take cab back.
its like so funny, all of MSC took cab except SCMC. like so weird.
just imagine we pay 90 cents each to cab back to the old folks..
its the same amount when we take bus.

ok, performance was here.
everything went quite smoothy.
we had lots of fun, singing and dancing..
hopefully the old folks enjoyed themselves.
it was a meaningful event afterall.

took some photots. enjoy =)


and today, we had our TEP telematch.
im pretty excited about it.
wondering will we get into finals? lolz.
well, mr chong told us to get into semi finals.
because sean and ming hui made a bet on us whether we can make it to semi finals.
and if we get into semi finals, mr chong gets a treat from sean and minghui. haha!

the games starts here..
first game was totally OMG! dunno wad game was tt, my team have to be blind folded.
our dear qidah told me to be the leader, so that i can lead the rest.
eventually, it turns out to be qidah who was blind folded and lead us! cute right..
and we fell down when we about to reach.

but thank god, the guys were fast.
2nd and 3rd was.. well its was quite fun lah..
exception of the spinning game.. hahaha
well, WE GOT 3rd POSITION =)

3 cheers to EMRS πŸ˜‰

best day ever in poly life.

18 Sep

heys! im here to blog! its friday dude!
and weekends is just tml! whakakaka!
dun really have a good sleep for the past few days due to link way and and EMRS as well.
but but today we are so call quite “slack”.
and we are playing badminton today wif my EMRS mates! πŸ˜‰

yeah, i’ve make payments forΒ my personal selling today at bazaar.
thanks to steven for supporting me to buy mochi n tiramisu mooncake =)
thanks dad for buying Goodwoodpark mooncake from me.
and there’s another 3 receipt for my personal selling. whakakaka.

brought my lovely dizi to sch today for so called practise for our community event next wed.
and… sing nee and zhang yan wants me to teach them how to play the flute! hahaa.
eventually sing nee managed to play out some tune…
poor zhang yan, like feeling sad.. and she kept on trying and trying..! haha..
guess wad! she finally play out the tune! and she were so happy lah!

best parts come here!
went to sports hall to play BADMINTON!
quite of no. of ppl joined us πŸ˜‰
ppl like jinjing, aline, gordon n yimei =)
the rest.. EMRS team 1 like me and EMRS team 2 n 5

after the game, went for dinner.
went to amk aston to eat suggested by gordon. haha.
nice dinner, nice chat. cos we were laughing throughout our dinner.
so much fun! haa.
i can tell u man! i love EMRS ppl! πŸ˜‰ wad a best day ever in poly life =)

finally is over.

17 Sep

linkway roadshow has finally come to an end! yeah!
and and heard from mr chong that we hit target!
5k for just 2 days!
good job everyone!

seriously speaking, I DON LIKE ROADSHOW!
i seriously HATE selling!
im still wondering did i choose the right course?
now i kinda REGRET! =(( how how how?
but retailing is the onli course im QUITE ok wif.

my booth wasn’t selling tt well. the belts and urban tools arent selling fast.
and NOT MUCH ppl came to our booth! only when HK n Gordon went for mobile selling..
and i still don really know the product well 😦 haiz! sadded.
dun really like selling!
anyway! its OVER! nw left wif my personal selling! lots of things to do lah!! boring!

my dear jun guang called! he needs to book in tonight =(
haiz, won’t be meeting him for the next 2 weeks. =(
his weekends was burn and next tue, he’s goin to malaysia wif his NS frens!
anyway dear, do enjoy urself πŸ˜‰ do MISS me too!
thanks for everything that u do for me today, appreciated sooo much!

he’s been wanting me to SAY the 3 words to him! LOL!~
you’re the one i love the most my love. ilu jun guang! β™₯

some pics taken during the linkway roadshow ~




linkway roadshow for the next 2 days.

15 Sep

hello, its like been weeks since i last update during weekdays.
and finally our EMRS festive finally can SLACK a little just like ytd n tdy.
mr chong had asked us to consolidate the order form to key in our data entry.
next week which 22 and 23 sep, gonna be a nightmare for us.
22 sep, where most of our tep students will be paying their personal selling stuffs.

heard frm mr chong tt we might stay up late for the sake of PS! shagg.
next day which 23 sep, a community event organise by team 4 n 5.
im gonna perform as well wif my beloved DIZI! geez! like v cheena! lolz.
and and 29 sep, need to pack the personal selling pdts for customers!
wad a busy week!

tml is our linkway roadshow organise by team 2 n 3.
there’s soooooooo many things to do lah!! =(
just don like doin linkway! so tired and boring!
haiz, don really look forward eventually!
guess wad, we are wearing MSC black shirt once again!

today went out wif zheng xin to find her supplier.
wah, the supplier was late =(
and it took us an hr 30 mins to finish counting the stocks.
by the time we reach sch, it was 4p.m! my eyes is sooo sleepy 😦
rush home after tt.. NOW im blogging hehehez!

i just wish friday finish come!
now its only tue! GEEZ 3 more days to goooo!

yah, wanna thanks mr jee for buying lao po bing and winnie the pooh umbrella frm HK!

treat from BF n jerome’s 21st

13 Sep


ytd meet up wif bf n jin wei at northpoint.
and we headed straight to outram to meet the rest of co clique.
bf is treating us for lunch at melissa’s dad place.
noob bf, he tot melissa’s dad restaurant was a air conditioned place..
but in the outcome it was located at hawker centre opposite great world city.
i was laughing out loud when he told me.

order quite a number of food. we eat till our stomach got bloated.
and and evening, melissa and i gonna attend jerome’s 21st and need to eat again.
after lunch, liling, jess n jin wei went off first as they have something on, left me, kiemin, bf n melissa.
went to great world city coffeebean to slack and enjoy air con.
we like chatting happily and he told me that he still kept the letter den i first wrote to him!
he really keep it ! it was in his wallet!

after tt, dear bf send me to pasir ris. HOW NICE! =)
meet up wif suyu n daniel at white sands. Thanks to her aunt for driving us to aloha loyang.
reached jerome’s chalet. pass his gift to him! glad he love the CARD that stated “QL fren”.
haha! pretty much enjoyed. cos got daniel ard, we like argueing along abt the food!
thanks to wei xiong also. for serving us the food! =) THANK YOU AH BENG!

some random photos of the day =)


jerome's 21

birthday upcoming..
5 sep – yuhui 21st
12 sep – jerome’s 21st
19 sep – suyu’s 21st
25 sep – jin kai 22nd