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busy for the next 5 days.

30 Aug


sch tml again.
same old repeated timing again.
wake up 6 plus in the morning to get prepare for sch.
sign in at EMRS room, get prepare for our food sampling.

bro booking in today.
time passes real fast, 8 sep he is passing out. ūüôā
it just 1 week plus from now. haha.
its gonna be end of aug soon!
SO FAST! its like sep i have lots of birthday parties to attend.

5 sep – yuhui’s 21 celebration
12 sep – jerome’s 21 celebration
19 sep – suyu’s 21 celebration
25 sep – jin kai birthday (thinking whether wanna celebrate anot)

jun guang booking in today.
wed den book out. ):
haiz, NS is always making his life busy ):


meet up

29 Aug


finally i had a good sleep on friday.
was really tired after i reached home!
and finally our poster for the mooncake festival is complete.
we spent 2 days of doing the poster yet Mr Chong says doing poster is easy!
geez, come on. It’s wasn’t that simple after all as expected.

yesh, finally meet up wif melissa.
well, we never chat much eventually.
and we went to aston have dinner.
the 2 guys was late. jun guang and jin wei.
jess also. hahaah!

dinner was great. (:
finally meet up wif jun guang.
if i don say i don miss him means im lying! =)
after dinner, bump into nora and wei jun.
li ling called, ask us where were we..
she said ben wanna meet us.
so eventually we meet up.
had a great chat wif them.

acc ben to have dinner. at cineleisure.
saw shi ling as well.
bump into 2 friends today. hahaha.

something just shocked me when jun guang ask me.
we were like chatting about random stuff..
and he asked me something.
he told me, we have been tgt for 1 yr 8 mth goin to 9 mths somehow..
another 3 months is our 2 yr anni..
he ask me how i feel.
well, i was speechless. i dunno wad to say

just know that, i felt really xin fu when we are together. (:
dear, you know i really love u.  just hope our relationship stays like that.

to bestie. i hope u can change for the better. (:
you are still my bestie forever.. =)

Mini Roadshow (25 Aug 09)

26 Aug

hoho, im back to blog.
ytd had our very first EMRS mini roadshow!
hahaha! guess wad we hit our sales target wif 144%
must thanks to ms khoo for her support!
she bought $30.15 worth of our goods.

lesson learnt:
running an event wasn’t easy. it was tiring somehow.
but i’ve i learnt is teamwork.
we really work as a teamwork! many thanks to our team!
and they are singnee, essanne, sarah, weixiong, zhang yan n weixiong!

and today we had our presentation about our mini roadshow to our supervisors.
my very first time presenting in lecture! and we used mike somemore.
was really nervous lah! but everything went well!
lots of good comments from Mr chong! (:
but one thing we are not good is time management!
nvm, we will improve on that! hehehe!

gtg for now. tired already!
last but not least, the photos taken during our roadshow (:


its just the beginning.

22 Aug



its been a week since i last update.
sch had started. my last stopover. EMRS.
was busying doing our posters and banners for our mini roadshow.
my team mates will GREAT!
team 1 festive team RULES!

end 5.30p.m everyday and by the time i reach home, it was 7p.m.
super tired already. hardly went online. so pathetic!

went to meet up wif my crazy cliques for a movie.
i had muscle cramps all over ):
thanks to the dodgeball! haaha.
i was like walking like a snail somehow.

we went to marina square and we watch this!

well, its a M18 show. Huiyun first time watching that.
poor kiemin, we drag him to watch. he said it was disgusting.
hahaha, it wasn’t¬† really disgusting lah.
the killing wasn’t so violence.

ytd we had team building games!
well, at first i wasn’t really look forward to the game as i told erica.
but eventually it proof me wrong. i had fun. especially the dodgeball.

haha, i was the last survivor for the team and everyone was cheering for me.
i was sooo tired already. i guess yimei was tired too, she also was the last survivor for her team.
well, i lost in the end. thanks to the water bomb. but i had fun. its just game. its a good game!
3 cheers to all teams!

anyway i enjoyed the team building games.
after that, i was real shag.
dad fetch me from sch.
went to foodcourt to have dinner.
ahaha, celebrating dad’s birthday. (:
nice dinner and great, bro have booked out alr (:

gtg for now. im kinda lazy to update more.
tata (:


13 Aug

its bf birthday today. poor boy, he had to book in today.
haiz, NS ma.. steal bf from me. no choice for him either.
just endure it ok, don hai already! cheer up ok.

dad drive me to raffles city.
went to develop photos for bf. his 21st birthday photos taken on monday (:
just wanna gave him for his memorable 21st. (:
while waiting for jerome, browse present for jin wei. in the end, nv get him anything.
dunno wad to get him anyway!

finally meet up wif jerome!
that idiot was late!
make me wait almost an hr. hahaha, im not angry. just joking!
dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Cafe (:

nice dinner, nice chat. HOME SWEET HOME!


13 Aug



love you love you love you! ‚ô•


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11 Aug

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